As a public service to the people of Colorado, the mission of the Colorado Channel is:

1.  To make Colorado state government open, accessible and transparent.
2.  To provide direct, unfiltered, and noncommercial access to the work of Colorado state government.
3.  To promote civic awareness and public participation in Colorado state government, including the provision of educational programming.


The operating funds for the Colorado Channel currently come from the General Assembly’s budget and are  subject to annual appropriation. A total of $224,000 is allocated: approximately $90,000 per Chamber, for the management, production services and personnel required to produce the content for the Colorado Channel, including daily coverage of the House and Senate proceedings. Approximately $20,000 per Chamber is allocated for the coloradochannel.net website, including live webstreaming and an online archive of past broadcasts.

Since the Colorado Channel’s inception in 2008 these services have been provided by the Open Media Foundation (OMF), a Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. For more information about the services, training, and resources offered by OMF, please visit www.openmediafoundation.org.

In 2009, control over the Colorado Channel was given to the Colorado Channel Authority Board (CCAB) through passage of HB 09-1307. As a political subdivision of the state the CCAB is not an agency of state government nor is it subject to administrative direction by the state and is not legally obligated to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to select contractors. However, the CCAB welcomes inquiries to provide the above-mentioned services. For more information, email CCAB@coloradochannel.net.