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State of Judiciary, Friday, January 14 at 11AM

Tune in to Comcast channel 165, or watch our online streaming video of the State of Judiciary, live from the House chambers on Friday, January 14 at 11AM.

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Tips for Using the Colorado Channel Website (for Legislators)

The Colorado Channel website is a great resource for communicating the important work that is being done in the General Assembly.

Anyone with high-speed internet access can watch both daily and archived sessions on the Colorado Channel website, as well as watching the discussion on particular bills. The website has a full archive of every House of Representatives legislative day beginning on January 21, 2008, and every Senate meeting since January 13, 2010.

To access the archived video, click on the Archived Sessions link, choose either the House or Senate, choose the appropriate year, and the particular day you wish to view.  Alternatively you can search by bill, Representative name, and/or keyword in the Search Archives box.

Using high-speed internet access, all videos should play on either a PC or Mac computer. Be sure to download the free Silverlight software to ensure that the video runs properly. (There is also a link to download this software near the top of the Archives page.)

You are now ready to put the Colorado Channel website to work for you!

Communicating with constituents

  • Create a link on your homepage to the Colorado Channel, encouraging your constituents to watch the sessions live or via the archives.
  • Track bills that are important to your constituents by pasting the link to particular bills in emails and/or on a section of your website.
  • Create a link on your site to all of the bills that you've sponsored, and/or specific debates.
  • Link to particular bills in your press releases.
  • Connect with advocacy groups that support your bills and have them link to the video on their site.

Resolutions & Memorials
Email advocacy groups, community organizations and/or nonprofit organizations that have supported your Resolutions & Memorials. Encourage them to forward the recorded video discussion to their donors and constituents so that they can view your support.


  • The Colorado Channel is a great tool for state education. Encourage teachers and community educators to utilize the website and all of its functionalities so that they can support their students in learning about the legislative process and see it in action. Educators can use the archive sessions and/or the live video feed, enabling students to track a bill from beginning to end.
  • Remind student groups that visit the House & Senate chambers to have their families watch the live broadcast (as well as the archives) to see them on TV!
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Welcome to our new website!

We hope that this updated site will provide you with all of the information that you need to better interact with the Colorado Channel. We will be updating this site throughout the year, so if you have any feedback or requests, please send a line to

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Is it your New Year's Resolution to learn more about State government?

Tune in to Comcast channel 165 on Wednesday, January 12th at 10am as the House and Senate commence the The First Regular Session of the Sixty-Eighth General Assembly. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how a bill becomes a law, what the hot issues are in the State and who are your elected officials. Sessions will also be streamed live on our website; see you then!

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