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Colorado Channel Takes Part In Pilot Program To Increase Government Transparency

On Monday, February 7, 2011 the Colorado Channel will begin its part in a pilot program to increase government transparency.  The Open Media Foundation, the nonprofit partner responsible for the Colorado Channel website (and overall management of the channel), is working with Granicus Inc., a streaming media provider to modernize the streaming architecture in a way that will make sessions of the Colorado State Senate and House easier to view.

Since the launch of the Colorado Channel in 2008, visitors to have been able to view live and archived coverage of the State House, and beginning in 2010 the State Senate. However, most users needed to download Microsoft’s Silverlight software in order to view the videos. Beginning Monday, the video will be available in multiple players – Flash, HTML5, and Silverlight – to ensure that it reaches all audiences, regardless of the computer, browser, or mobile device they are using to access it.

Working with partners like the Open Media Foundation and Granicus, the Colorado Channel aims to accurately convey the business of the General Assembly’s proceedings without editing, interpreting, or distorting the proceedings.  “We're excited to announce that beginning on Monday, visitors to the Colorado Channel website should be able to view the entire archive of content from the House and Senate without needing to install any software," said Tony Shawcross, Executive Director of the Open Media Foundation.

“The Colorado Channel is helping Granicus be on the cutting-edge of open government technology. By using our new streaming architecture, they will be able to maximize the transparency and accessibility of their videos and content across the web, through social media sites, and over all mobile devices,” said Javier Muniz, CTO, Granicus, Inc.

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Surprise Tribute to Adam Schrager of Channel 9 News on the Floor of the House

On the morning of Friday, February 4th, 2011, longtime political journalist was surprised on the floor of the Colorado House of Representatives with a tribute in his honor.  You can watch the video of the tribute here.

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Interns Needed at the Colorado Channel

The Open Media Foundation is seeking two production interns to assist in the live television broadcast of the meetings at the State Capitol.  These interns would shadow both the director and the producer roles, but specifically would manage the online streaming of the sessions, as well as the archived videos. These interns would need to commit to covering the session 3 days a week (ideally), starting at 8:30am.


We are looking for individuals who are dependable, professional and who can commit to serving the length of the Legislative session (February - mid-May.)  Computer competence, a background in video/TV production and an interest in state politics are required. A working knowledge of Photoshop and Final Cut Pro is preferred.


Although this internship is unpaid, interns will receive unrivaled professional experience, including the opportunity to work in live television. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

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Comcast Outage on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unfortunately this morning, minutes before we were to go live, Comcast ran some firmware updates, which took us offline.  If you were unable to watch the live stream on our website today, this is the reason why.  We are working to manually upload these recordings and should have them in our archives by the end of the day.

We also noticed that there was some sporadic flickering on our Comcast-out signal, which would have affected your viewing if you were watching channel 165.

We apologise for any inconveniece, yet you can expect to watch both the House and the Senate floor sessions tomorrow morning at 9am, as usual.

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The Senate Will Not be Meeting on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Due to weather conditions, the Senate will not be meeting today.  They will re-convene tomorrow, Wednesday, February 2nd at 9am.  To view the House floor proceedings that occurred today, please click here.

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The Senate and the House Recognize Colorado 4H Day

Click these links to view clips of the Senate and the House's recognition of Colorado 4H Day on Monday, January 31, 2011.

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The House Recognizes CU Day

Watch this video excerpt of the House recognizing the University of Colorado from the floor of the chamber on Friday, January 28th, 2011.

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Interested in exporting portions of a debate to YouTube?

By following these simple instructions, you can export clips from any given session and post them on YouTube, or a personal website.

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Military Day 2011

Monday, January 24th 2011 was Military Day at the Colorado State Capitol.  Use the following links to view HJR-1004: Military Day 2011; HJR-1005: Concerning the USS Pueblo and HJR-1006: Memorializing Fallen Soldiers.

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Welcome to My Neighborhood (Site)

Unsure about who is your Representative or Senator?  Enter your full address, city or zip code into the newly launched My Neighborhood site, and find out who is representating your particular district.

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