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Girls with Goals on the Senate Floor

In a bipartisan effort, thirty-five fifth-grade girls, one from each of of Colorado's senate districts, joined their senator at the State Capitol for a day of politics, Colorado style. Along with shadowing senators during legislative proceeding, each girl participated in activities to help stimulate her knowledge of politics and how to make her community a better place. The event celebrates Women's History Month and highlights the fact that Colorado leads the nation in the percentage of women in the legislature, 41 percent.

Caden Esquibel from Jackson Elementary is pictured with Sen. Scott Renfroe (R-13).

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Interested in Attending a Committee Meeting?

Committee hearings provide the public with the opportunity to testify on a particular bill or issue, and potentially help shape legislation here in Colorado.  To view a list of all committees, click here.  By clicking on the individual links to each committee, you can view its committee members; its weekly schedule; where it meets; the bills to be reviewed and a tweet of its activity (amongst other information.)  Click here to view a short video on how to testify in front of a committee, and we look forward to seeing you on Cap Hill.

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SJR 019 - Colorado Territory Anniversary

Click these links to view video clips of the Colorado State Senate and House's adoption of SJR 019 on Monday, February 28, 2011.

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Senate Weekly Wrap-Up Show: February 25, 2011

Click here to view Senate Minority Whip Scott Renfroe and Senator Linda Newell, as they re-cap what took place on the floor of the Senate during the week of February 25th, 2011.

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Colorado Channel Mentioned in Article Regarding Government Transparency

Check out this article by the Honolulu Civil Beat, which discusses various models of government transparency across the country.

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Question from our Viewers

Q: Why does the reader (or clerk) read so fast on the floor of the House and Senate?

A: The Colorado Constitution requires that all bills be read 3 times before they potentially become law.  Colorado Constitution Article V Section 22 - Every bill shall be read by title when introduced, and at length on two different days in each House; provided, however, any reading at length may be dispensed with upon unanimous consent of the members present.

This goes back to early English and early American democratic traditions of reading the entire wording of all bills aloud, because there were a significant number of people that could not read.  The length of bills was also a lot shorter, and the number of bills acted upon each session was very small. Today there are around 650 bills, resolutions, memorials, etc. introduced in Colorado every year, and their length and complexity has increased. Because of the increasing number of bills, the increased literacy rate and the increased length of bills today the need to read each bill in its entirety is a lot lower.  However, to maintain the tradition, meet the requirements of the state constitution, and meet the need for expediency, the way bills are read has changed with time.

Each legislator has a copy of every bill and amendment they act on, so the need to read the bill is reduced.  The speed with which the reader reads is regarded as a time saver in each chamber and the reading is done primarily as part of the legislative process.  Unfortunately it is not done for audio or video viewers (a very recent phenomena).  However, the House and Senate calendars provide the public with the bill number, short title, and sponsors for each bill, plus they can read each bill in its entirety online.  The Colorado Channel also tries to provide information to the viewer within the lower-third during each meeting. 

What happens on the House and Senate floor is a limited look at what the legislature does.  The longer they are in the chamber the less they can meet in the standing committees where citizens have a chance to testify and where legislators can make proper adjustments to bills, based on this feedback.

If you have a question about any House or Senate proceedings, please feel free to submit it to  Thanks for watching.

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Senate Weekly Wrap-Up Show: February 11, 2011

Click here to view Senate Majority Leader John Morse and Senate Assistant Minority Leader Bill Cadman, as they re-cap what took place on the floor of the Senate during the week of February 11th, 2011.  This video can also be viewed via our YouTube channel here.

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Day of Resolutions

Click on the following links to watch HJR 100: CSU Founders Day 2011 recognised in the House and Senate; SJR 013: Community Mental Health Centers recognised in the House and Senate and SJR 014: Career And Technical Education Month recognised in both the House and Senate.

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Did you know?

Even if a bill has the majority of favorable votes in the House, if it does not have at least 33 votes, it cannot pass.  View this example of the Third Reading of HB-1054, which occurred yesterday on the floor of the House.

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Update on the Granicus Upgrade

This past Monday, we made an annoucement about participating in a new pilot program by our web streaming and video archive provider, Granicus, Inc.  Unfortunately, due to some techincal glitches this change is just now in progress.  The latest update from Granicus is that the upgrade was completed last night, but all of the files are still being transcoded into H.264, which is the required codec for playback in Flash and on mobile devices.  The system transcodes older files first, so some of these earlier archives are available now, with the remaining files to be transcoded by the end of the week.  Thank you very much for your patience in this process and we look forward to being able to offer more accessibility by the end of the week.

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More Additional Content Available

Visit our Additional Content page and scroll to the bottom to view 15 new Comcast Newsmakers Interviews with your Colorado Representatives and Senators.

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Senate Weekly Wrap-Up Show: February 4, 2011

Click here to view Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp and Senate President Brandon Shaffer, as they re-cap what took place on the floor of the Senate during the week of February 4th, 2011.

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