Get Informed

Take a Tour of the Capitol Building

Are you one of the many individuals who live in Colorado and yet have never been to the State Capitol? Make 2015 the year you visit the golden dome! Historical, legislative, and dome tours are available free of charge to the public.

Find Your Legislator

Determine who your local State Representative and Senator are. Enter your location on this site to see which elected officials are representing your district.

Follow a Bill from Start to Finish

Want to follow a particular bill? Visit the General Assembly homepage and choose the “Bills” link under either the House or Senate. Here you will be able to view the bill's progress from introduction to debate, and potentially into law!

Follow Bills that are Up for Debate

Interested in learning which bills are up for debate? View the House and Senate calendars to learn which bills are scheduled for discussion. View House and Senate Journals to see what took place on a certain day.

Attend a Committee Meeting

Is there a particular issue that you are interested in? View the list of committees and view their upcoming schedule, so that you can attend and have your voice heard on a particular bill or issue.

Listen to Committee Meetings

If you can't make it to a committee meeting or want to hear a past committee meeting, follow this link to find live (when a committee is meeting, you'll see an "In Progress" Link) and archived audio of committee meetings.

Contact a Legislator or House/Senate Staff Member

Need to contact your particular Senator or Representative? Or maybe you have a question for the House or Senate staff? By viewing the Legislative Directory (or pink book), you can view contact information for both legislators and staff.

Submit a Question

Wonder why the clerks read so fast?  Always been curious about the small goat that sits on the front desk of the House?  Submit your questions here and we will post an answer for you within 5 business days.

Request a Copy of a Recording

Want a recording of a particular vote or debate? Request a copy of a Colorado Channel recording on disc (fees may apply).