What time does each chamber meet during the week?

Both the Senate and the House begin their meetings at 9:00am Tuesday-Friday.  On Mondays they begin their meetings at 10:00am.  To view the live television schedule click here.




What can I view on the Colorado Channel?

The Colorado Channel televises both the Colorado House of Representatives and State Senate proceedings (as of January 2010). Additional educational programming is available as well.




Where can I find the Colorado Channel on my TV?

The Colorado Channel has been shown on Comcast channel 165 since January 21, 2008. (You must have digital cable to access this station.) To view the area of distribution for Comcast channel 165, please click here.




Who do I contact to get the Colorado Channel?

For this information you can visit www.comcast.com, or call 1-800-266-2278.




Will I be able to access previous meetings on the web?

The Colorado Channel is archived and indexed on the internet; just go to the Archived Sessions page. An archive of each session will be guaranteed for at least 18 months.




How do I obtain a copy of a video recording?

In order to request a copy of a particular session, you may send us a message through our Contact Form. Some fees may apply.




How can I edit the clips for use on an external website (i.e. YouTube)?

By following these simple instructions, you can export portions of a debate and post them on YouTube, or a personal website.




Are the sessions available on Comcast's On-Demand service?

Comcast's On-Demand service is not available at this time. You can access archived video of the House and Senate floor proceedings (indexed by bill number) via the Colorado Channel website.




How do I view live web casts of the Colorado Channel?

In order to view the House and/or Senate proceedings live, simply go to the Live Broadcast page.




Are the files subject to copyright restrictions?

The Colorado State House of Representatives and Senate meetings are released under a Creative Commons license, specifically called Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 UnportedAny content created using Colorado Channel footage must be released under a Creative Commons license or to the public domain.



I work for a local, political nonprofit and would like to link to the Colorado Channel via my site.  How can I do this?

Easy.  Simply copy the code that is listed under the second button on this page to add a graphical link to your site.




Who can submit content to the Colorado Channel?

Additional Content may be submitted only by State Policy-Making entities, including all three branches of state government and their respective offices, departments, divisions, comissions, and agencies.  Content created by a third-party organization will only be considered if it is submitted in parternship with a Colorado State Policy-Making entity.  More information about this can be found on the Colorado Channel - Submission Policy page.




How can I financially support the channel?

Simply visit our Donate Now page.  Your support allows us to maintain coverage of the Colorado House of Representatives and state Senate, and explore opportunities to expand our services.  We appreciate any contribution that you are able to give and all donations are tax-deductible.



Have a suggestion for the site/channel? Please send a note to support@coloradochannel.net