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Of the members initially appointed, the members appointed by the Governor shall each serve 2-year terms, the member appointed by the Chief Justice shall serve a 2-year term, the members appointed by the House and Senate Minority Leaders shall each serve 3-year terms, the members appointed by the Speaker and the President shall each serve 4-year terms, and the member jointly appointed by the President and the Speaker shall serve a 2-year term. Thereafter, members shall serve 4-year terms.

A vacancy occurring other than by expiration of term shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, but for the remainder of the unexpired term only, except that these members must at all times consist of a member from each major political party in each house of the General Assembly and be appointed by the appropriate appointing authority, as appropriate, to ensure that a member from each major political party in each house is a member of the board. An appointed member shall be eligible for reappointment. Members of the board may be removed by the appointing authorities for cause, after a public hearing, and may be suspended by the appointing authority pending the completion of such hearing.

The members shall elect a chair and a vice-chair each year at a date, time, and location as designated by the Chair upon thirty (30) days written notice to each member of the Board of Directors. The members shall also elect a secretary and a treasurer, who need not be members of the board, and the same person may be elected to serve as both secretary and treasurer. The powers of the board may be vested in the officers from time to time. Five members shall constitute a quorum. No vacancy in the membership of the board shall impair the right of a quorum of the members to exercise all the powers and perform all the duties of the board.

If the board determines that the authority has sufficient financial resources, each member of the board not otherwise in full-time employment of the state or a state official shall receive a per diem of $100 for each day actually and necessarily spent in the discharge of official duties, and all members shall receive reimbursement for travel and other necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of official duties.





Appt. Date

Appt. End

Appt. by

Steve Fenberg Boulder 04/28/2017 04/28/2021 President of the Senate
Vice Chair (Elected 1/15/16) Barnes, Todd Erie 10/30/2015 10/06/2019 Governor
Treasurer (Elected 08/16/17) Megan Jurgemeyer Denver 08/16/2017 08/16/2021 Governor
Smallwood, Jim Parker 12/19/2016 12/19/2018 Senator


Ryan, Christopher




Colorado Chief Justice

Chair (Elected 4/28/17) Van Winkle, Kevin Highlands Ranch 08/05/2016 08/05/2020 House Minority Leader
Singer, Jonathan Longmont 07/28/2015 07/28/2019 Speaker of the House
Fagan, Renny Denver 08/02/2013 08/02/2020 President of the Senate/Speaker of the House
Miller, Bart


04/28/2017 11/06/2021 Governor