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One of the aims of the Colorado Channel is to serve as an educational, civic resource. It is our hope that these supplemental videos will provide more insight into the legislative process and how the public can get involved.

A Dome Where the Buffalo Roamed: Preserving Our CapitolDownload Video

The Colorado State Amphibian: The Western Tiger SalamanderDownload Video

The Colorado State Rock: Yule MarbleDownload Video

How to Use - GeneralDownload Video

How to Use - Additional ContentDownload Video

Government Is...ver.1Download Video

Government Is...ver.2Download Video

What the Colorado Channel CoversDownload Video

How to Place an Initiative on the Statewide BallotDownload Video

The Redistricting Process in ColoradoDownload Video

Share in the CareDownload Video

How a Bill Becomes a LawDownload Video

How to Track a Bill Using the Colorado General Assembly WebsiteDownload Video

How to Participate in State Government - ColoradoDownload Video

Mr. Brown's AtticDownload Video